We provide engineering design and consulting services for wireless technology, with a focus on applications up to 6GHz. Many companies who lack RF experience attempt to create wireless products and find themselves behind schedule with a product that simply doesn’t perform. Let us fill in the gap in your engineering resources, by providing the wireless design you need, when you need it.

  • system design and analysis (optimize design objectives such as range, size, sensitivity)
  • transceiver design (system level, integrated-circuit based, module-based)
  • wireless circuit design (PLL, LNA, PA, I/Q modulator, mixer, filter)
  • enhance/augment IC manufacturer’s reference designs to suit your application
  • custom specification and vendor recommendation of VCO, TCXO, SAW/crystal/ceramic filter
  • PCB layout (miniaturization, integration with digital product elements)
  • integration of wireless modules. coexistence, minimizing interference, desensitization
  • Multi-chip module design (extremely high integration, high performance)
  • antenna design (internal, external, chip, grounding, cables).  antenna issues are often misunderstood and are a common cause of sub-optimal wireless performance
  • digital architecture design (microcontroller, DSP, IF-sampling receiver, multi-channel, direct conversion, direct digital synthesizer)
  • firmware design (demodulators, signal processing, digital FIR filters, FFT, protocols)
  • field and range testing, environmental (temperature, vibration) testing
  • regulatory agency approvals & certification testing support and management
  • manufacturing production test automation development (LabWindows, GPIB)
  • module or cable assembly characterization testing